Achievement At Last!

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Dont ask me how: I dont know!

Perhaps some Expert can tell me? Perhaps YOU can?

My hobby obsession actually is the Martial Arts. In which I hold a 4th Dan Black Belt.

Though these days (after forty years) Im really into Personal Protection using self-defense weapons.

Once upon a time many years ago it was Speed, Skill, Panache.

These days its all about SURVIVAL on the street, in the Park, indeed even in the house and the bedroom.

Using weapons.

The Mugger has Youth, Hostility Aggression on his side. Perhaps Drugs and the desperate need for money to buy them.

I have (only) my legal survival weapons the Walking Stick, the Umbrella and – the Sjambok. That 42 long South African whip much used by their police in crowd control.

The ONLY way I would be able to survive a street mugging (or Park rape-attempt, if I were a woman) is by the use of a powerful, drastic but non-lethal Weapon. But a legally permitted one, not on any prohibited police or Home Office list.

Forget about the Martial Arts as such. They are of absolutely no use whatsoever in self defence life survival situations. Unless you are a...

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