How To Follow Your Creative Flow And Keep Your Business

How To Follow Your Creative Flow And Keep Your Business Profitable

Creativity and inspiration are essential to any business venture. Without these, your business will become stale and may even begin to lose profitability. Owning a business means that you will constantly be in a state of change and improvement, and so it is crucial to stay connected with your own creative flow.

Working from home offers the incredible freedom of being able to create your own schedule. The blessing of this freedom is that it can enhance your creativity and ability to follow inspiration. On the other end of things, this freedom can tempt you into time wasting activities, or cause you to flow too much and forget about productivity and the bottom line.

These four tips will help you to maximize your creative and intuitive flow, without sacrificing the productivity of your business.

1. Create a plan for the income producing activities that you will do each day, or each week for your business. Once you know that you need to accomplish X, Y and Z in a day, you can set this as a priority and then flow around these activities.

2. If possible, accomplish your income...

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