MP3 Downloads How It All Came About

When MP3s first appeared in the music marketplace, the majority of people had little use for them. Back then the players werent popular as they had only a small data storage capacity and short battery lives. Despite this general unpopularity, some insightful computer users glimpsed the potential...

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MP3 Downloads Bringing Benefits to Everyone

With the availability of broadband Internet reaching all time heights, it has never been easier to access the wealth of free MP3 music that is on tap and online. Many bands allow their music to be distributed on the net because of the massive potential audience they can reach using this medium....

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Mp3 downloads- Advantages

In the beginning when Mp3 first evolved in the music market, the majority of people had no or little use of them. But as the time passed, these players lost the popularity due to limited storage of data and short battery lives. But despite this unpopularity many computer programmers analyzed...

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MP3 Audio Format Convenient yet powerful

Mp3 player is the most recent and popular music format that has inevitably helped the consumer to listen the tunes of their choice. The previous audio formats like the tapes, cassettes, CDs didnt give much convenience to the consumers in comparison to the mp3 audio format. Therefore, with the...

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Mozarts Music

The music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most well-known of any composer the world has ever seen. Almost everyone has heard of how Mozart was composing music by the age of five (some urban legends even claim it was at age two) and performing before kings and queens, dukes and...

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Models, Music Artist, Photographers and ...

I am hoping you are creating online visibility strategies to help you increase your presence, gain a fan base, get work and eventually turn all these into revenue.

Back in the day it was very difficult to market people unless you had a big marketing budget. But now with the Internet you...

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MK2 Mobile Disco and Karaoke Services

When one thinks of hosting a happening event, music is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind. If this sounds like you, you must definitely check how MK2 can fill your events with riot of colours! Be it for your kids birthday, your wedding anniversary, a party or just another fun event,...

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Midi Sequencer – Music Revolution

Discovering the music revolution and why midi’s part in it has become mainstream for the industry and essential for many composers and musicians.

Midi Sequencer

The first thing to understand about midi sequencers is that they make no sound of their own. True, some later ...

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Metallica – St. Anger

1. St. Anger
2. Metallica Reloaded
3. The Early Early Early Days
4. Under The Influence
5. Monsters Of Rock
6. Nabbing Napster
7. Master Of Puppets
8. Ride The Lightning
9. Worn Justice
10. Headbangers’ Ball

1. St. Anger...

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Memorizing your piano lessons

People have been debating the pros and cons of the memory technique used in taking piano learning lessons. Some of the champions of this technique line up a long list of benefits those can be accrued from this technique. Their major claim for the suitability of this technique lies in the...

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Memories Are Made Of This : The Golden Years ...

Memories Are Made Of This : The Golden Years of The Sixties Music Revolution

I suppose my first realisation that music was something more relevant than learning the words to carols for the school Christmas concert was appreciating my Dad’s collection of 78s’. He was a man with...

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Medieval and Renaissance Europe Music

Medieval and Renaissance Europe

While musical life in Europe was undoubtedly rich in the early Medieval era, as attested by artistic depictions of instruments, writings about music, and other records, the only European repertory which has survived from before about 800 is the monophonic...

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