Freakonomics, a Book Review

If the thought of a book on economics is about as exciting as watching your toenails grow, or you are under-whelmed with statistics and number crunching theory, then the bestselling book Freakonomics : A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything just might be the book to make...

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Four ‘Calorie Bargains’ That ...

Trying to lose weight? Here’s some food for thought. What if Americans were as conscientious about “spending” the calories on their bodies’ daily budgets as they are about spending their hard-earned dollars?

According to Charles Stuart Platkin, author of the new...

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Focusing On The Importance Of Your Feet

For many, the first step toward better health starts with better foot care.

This is especially true for the 20.8 million Americans who have diabetes, of which 6.2 million have yet to be diagnosed.

Keeping feet healthy is an essential part of diabetes self-care. Since diabetes...

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Fire in the Ice: Book Review

An excellent novel that will wring tears of frustration and pain and then tears of joy from the reader.’Fire in the Ice is a perfect title for this book.

The passion, confusion and anger that the main character (Deedra) felt, along with her pain over the loss of her parents and the...

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Finally-A Savory New Way To Lose Weight And ...

Finally-A Savory New Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off For Life

A new world take on an old-world way of eating can be better than the many diets that are extreme and difficult or expensive to follow, and gives results in just 10 days. It’s “The Sonoma Diet” (Meredith...

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Ferns Dragon: Book Review

Ferns Dragon is a wonderfully fun read that stimulates the imagination of both young people and the young-at-heart alike. It is a good mystery-fantasy story that is artfully composed.

Fern is a bright, artistic young girl who is utterly fascinated with dragons. One day she created a...

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Fading toward Enlightenment – Review

Fading Toward Enlightenment by Wayne Wirs is definitely a well made book of excellent quality it will certainly endure multiple readings. I loved the feel of the pages as I turned them. I would classify this book as a useful, inspirational, self-help tool for those searching for inner peace....

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Fact or Fiction — Terrorist attack our ...

Fact or Fiction — Terrorist attack our nation using smallpox as a weapon against us?

It very well could be real, but for now its the latest heart-pounding fiction book, Sledgehammer, about a terrorist who arrives in the ER with smallpox symptoms. An ER physician suspects it but has...

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Fabulous After 50

For women in this day and age, hitting 50 doesn’t automatically call for breaking out the knitting needles. Today’s mature woman has the verve and style of a much younger person, yet she emanates the power and wisdom that can only come with those extra years.

While life may...

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Envy of the Gods – Book Review

Envy of the Gods, a science-fiction novel, has a cast of five main characters that struggle through a rise to leadership, tough ethical decisions, the re-discovery and use of ancient textbooks, and a society that strives for a better, more efficient way of life.

In a ruthless and brutal...

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Ebook Review: How to turn Auction Traffic ...

File Size: 1,071kb Zipped, 1,122b Unzipped.
Number of Pages: 45
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Subject: A guide to using eBay traffic to create a lifetime customer base for virtually any business.
Other Information: Can be bought with Jim Cockrum’s...

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Ebook Review: An Interview with Sara Brown

File Size: 455kb Zipped, 513kb Unzipped.
Number of Pages: 36
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Subject: Interview Ebook with Sara Brown (see about the author for more details)
Other Information: Also comes with “Internet Marketing Success: Off the...

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