Divorce Overview

Divorce is not just a termination. Its a beginning.

Maybe your friends of the family or people at work will be going through its own set of changes as you face others with your new civil status.
Divorce may be defined as a termination but it is the start of new beginnings and...

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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation has become a more affordable and harmonious way to deal with ones divorce. But its significant to note that not all divorce cases are meant for divorce mediation.

In cases where you have an abusive spouse, the safety that the Court may provide would be recommended. When...

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Divorce Lawyer: Key to Divorce

Divorce refers to the dissolution or the legal end of a marriage. Every state has its own legal requirements governing when a divorce may be granted. These legal requirements may include a residency requirement, grounds or a reason for the divorce, among others.

The grounds for divorce...

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Divorce Help: Vital Steps to Recovering From ...

The very first thing you must realize is that you will not die because of divorce. It has happened to millions of people before you and it will happen to millions of people after you.

Although divorce cause severe emotional pain, you must believe that you will get over it. Of course, it...

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Divorce Fuelling Debt Crisis

The high divorce rate of recent in Britain is a major factor leading to ever increasing levels of debt, a new report claimed recently.

Debt Free Direct has claimed that the break down of marriages is a significant factor behind people’s financial problems, which suggests that many...

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Divorce and the Child Custody Evaluation

Getting prepared for the Child Custody Evaluation can be nerve racking, but if you take these things into consideration they can guide to you toward a successful Child Custody hearing.

You should be friendly, sincere and candid in your approach toward the opposing attorney. You should the...

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Divorce and Rowing to Emotional Recovery

Late summer of ’92. Bent over, arms on knees, resting, trying to recover from a long hard row against the tidal current. Pleased with this not-so-easy accomplishment. Too bad there wasn’t an audience, someone to do the clapping, to deliver accolades. She is no longer here, my...

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Divorce and Lawyers

Do I need a lawyer?

Check out the following circumstances to make sure whether you need to have a lawyer or not.

You and your spouse have been wed for at least 5 years
You and your spouse have kids.
Either you or your spouse is the breadwinner while the other...

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Divorce and Hidden Assets

Not surprisingly, assets are often hidden in a divorce situation. Why – well simply greed, or the feelings of betrayal or anger at the need to divide assets in the divorce, or the fear of not having enough after the divorce all motivate the behavior of hiding assets.

In divorce,...

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Divorce and Alimony Formula

In divorce, a common question is, “what is the alimony formula”. Well, there really is no set alimony formula for divorce. This is in complete contrast to child support, which is decided based upon a specific formula in each state. Alimony is based on factors and those factors are...

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Divorce Advice, Where Can You Turn?

Divorce is such a nasty thing and people should hate the destruction and harm that it does to everyone involved. The problem is that even people that hate it become victims of it inevitably. So there needs to be a source of divorce advice for those that are not using it selfishly as a way to...

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Divorce: Tips to Get Through and Beat the ...

Going through a divorce can leave you angry, in grief and filled with mixed emotions. In other words, it can be a time of intense stress.

During this period you may feel like your life is falling apart. However, the end of marriage can be the beginning of personal growth – after you...

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