Writing Exercise 3: This Could Get Dangerous

Defining your fictional characters’ voices is important. What is equally vital, though, is grasping your characters’ humanity, the core of their fictional soul.

A good way to learn how to do this is by observing an incident through another living person’s eyes....

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Writing A Great Resume!

If you are looking for a job, then it is very important that you understand how to offer yourself in the best way to an employer.

This is done by writing a ‘CV’ (curriculum vitae – Latin for ‘life story’), called in some countries a...

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Check below for hints and suggestions on how to organize your writing and make it a better read for your audience.

Story Summary.

State in one or two sentences the kernel of your book, story, or blog. Do not exceed thirty words total.

Outline Structure.


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Writing: Is It A Skill, Craft, Or Gift?

Whenever you gather writers together they talk about writing. There are many different types of writers. Those who prefer to compose in long-hand or can only write on an old-fashioned manual typewriter. Those who write to music, demand complete silence, or create best surrounded by noise. You...

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Write to Remember Seven Keys to Better Note ...

Write to Remember Seven Keys to Better Note taking

People seem to be as divided on note taking as on any hot-button political issue. One group will give you all the reasons why they dont take notes:

Id rather focus on listening.
I dont know what to write.
Note taking...

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Write in Chunks to Write Effectively

Professional writers are often admired or envied for the end products they create. Yet, few look at the process of writing as an exciting career choice. And, for good reason. It can be difficult to sit for hour after hour, putting words onto pages.

But, few professional writers actually...

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Write An Article About Almost Anything

Are you a new writer struggling to get ideas for the articles you need to write? If so, you are not alone. It takes time and practice for any writer, no matter how good or how well trained, to learn to come up with good article ideas quickly. So do not be discouraged. Instead, learn from the...

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Words Matter

Words Matter

Despite the high volume of e-mail that flows invisibly all the time, there is often no substitute for talking with people. Indeed, in many organizations, big decisions are made only after in-person conversations. Many career people take this seriously. Herein...

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Winning Freelance Work: Beat The Skeptic

Ive spoken to hundreds of editors, employers, and project managers about how they choose a freelancer for a job. Whether they were reviewing job applications or considering project bids, they all had one thing in common. As every one of them started to look at the applications, they had their...

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Will the Democrats be able to Reverse the ...

Will the Democrats be able to Reverse the Online Gambling Ban

Many people were hoping that if the Democrats won control of Congress they would reverse the online gambling ban, but experts doubt they will even try or that if they do that the will be successful.

Once the bill was...

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Why we Need to Take Risks

It does not matter if you are a Doctor, a Lawyer or an infantry soldier in the Army if you want to be the best and get ahead, you will need to take risks.

A doctor may have to take risks when working with a patient. The Doctor may have to experiment with different forms of medications or...

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Why so many states are legalizing gambling?

There are currently 13 states that have legalized gambling and they have over 450 casinos between those states, and they bring in 72 billion dollars a year.

From this money states get extra money for road repair, schools and many other things that a state needs money to fix and...

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