10 Cost Effective Ways To Promote Your Website

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So whats the difference between promoting your website and a brick and mortar store? Thats a common question asked by new internet marketers. It turns out the principles are the same but the methods are different. Lets take a look at how.

The main object of promoting either store is to first create awareness of the stores existence. Secondly you want them to know what you offer and why it will improve their life. Next you want to show them how yours is better than others in the market. This is all to achieve your final goal of visiting your store or site. Making the sale is another topic all together.

If you have real deep pockets you can start by advertising in the New York Times or on NBC for a brick and mortar store or on MSN or Yahoo sites if youre on the internet. Of course you have to remember your AOL users wont see you there just as your CBS watchers wont see you on NBC. Most start ups arent going to worry about this problem as they dont have the money to do this kind of advertising.

So what method do you use to advertise and drive traffic cost effectively to your site?

-> Tell your friends and family about your site. The average person has...

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