5 Ways Nintendo can Climb to the Top

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5: Shifting Media Man
Nintendo needs to ditch mini-disks and cartridges and publish games on full size compact disks. It will help get rid of your cute, fuzzy, little kid image.

4: Deadline Driving for 8 Billion Red Coins
Dont hype up a game until youre sure you can release it on time. You get me all worked up about a game like Twilight Princess and then push it back, and back, and back until youve pushed back into another console! It gets old! Stop doing it. Finish the game then tell people about it six month before you release it. Problem solved.

3: Footrace with Sony the Quick
Its a little late for this one Nintendo, but you need to beat Sony to the market if you can. Get your Revolution hardware out and in our hands and take our dollars as soon as possible because after we buy an X-Box 360, 4 controllers, and a hard drive were probably going to have enough money for just one Next Gen system. If you can beat Sony to the market and suck up $250 bucks plus the cost of controllers, games, and memory cards people wont be willing to shell out the $600 bucks plus games and accessory money for Play Station III.

2. Nintendo’s Image...

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