6 Writing Tips for an Amazing Teaser Copy

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A teaser copy is made of two to three short but carefully composed sentences and is similar to blurbs and extracts. In direct mail, they on the outside of a letter while in online copies, they commonly appear right after the headline. If your headline for your online copy isnt able to do justice to the rest of your article, a teaser copy is definitely called for.

Introduce Yourself

If yours is a new company, your teaser copy could do with a bit more information about your business. If you have certain facts or figures to make your company more memorable, like having a product thats the first of its kind in the market, or being the industry leader in a specific region, so much the better!

Remember: if youre going to use a teaser copy to introduce your business, be sure to do so with a bang!

Be Entertaining

Its hard to be funny, witty, or clever when youre limited to just one sentence, and thats often the case with headlines. You have greater leeway, however, with teaser copies so take advantage of it if you dare.

If youre going to use humor, make sure that its in the sense that your target market and not just you stands to...

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