9 Tips for Better Copywriting

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We all learned how to write in school, but in advertising, there are some simple techniques that experienced writers use to convey messages with greater impact and brevity. Without being too tutorial, youll find these 9 tips quite handy when writing your next sales letter, brochure or web page.

Avoid the wimpy verbsis and be.
These do-little verbs only occupy space and state that something exists. So dont write There is one simple omission that can transform a sentence from boring to brilliant. Do write One simple omission can transform a sentence from boring to brilliant. Similarly, avoid We will be running the new program from our Dallas office. Instead, opt for We will run the new program from our Dallas office.

Place the longest item at the end of a series.
Start with the simple and work toward the complex. Its less confusing and makes a more memorable ending to the sentence. If you have a series like He was always later that Joan, loud and boring. Opt for He was loud, boring and always later that Joan.

Specifics are more convincing.
Unless you must for legal reasons, dont use words like many, several, approximately, nearly...

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