A Brief Look on the History of Chess

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Chess is a competitive game normally played between two players. It is sometimes called the International or Western chess. The recent form of the game emerged in the southern part of Europe during the second half of the fifteenth century. Nowadays, the chess is one of the worlds most popular games.

Humble Beginnings

The game of Chess has been attributed both by the Arabs and the Persian people to the Indians. Chess then spread throughout the world and several variants of chess soon began taking form. Chess was introduced to the Near East from India and eventually became the part of a courtly and princely education of the Persian nobility. It is also known that the Silk Road traders, Buddhist pilgrims and others carried the game to the Far East where it was assimilated and transformed into a game played on the intersection of lines of the board rather than within the squares.

The game Chaturanga reached Europe through the Byzantine and Arabian empire, and Persia. By the tenth century, the Muslims carried the chess game to Sicily, North Africa and Spain.

Later on, chess was extensively developed in Europe during the late fifteenth century....

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