ADD: See The Sunny Side

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If you have ADD or ADHD, you may have the tendency to see yourself in a negative light. Don’t do that! Don’t focus on the bad things. Turn ADD traits around and see them in a positive light. When you do that, you’ll be a happier person with a happier life. Let me show you how…

First, one characteristic associated with ADD is “impulsivity.” So? You think fast on your feet. And when you’re able to think fast in a critical situation and make a quick decision, then you’re not impulsive. You’re decisive! Imagine a big stock buy that your company might be considering. The price is low, but something happened to make the stock start to climb. The instant you see this, you make a fast analysis of the situation, and bang! You buy the stock and make the company 10 million dollars. Your decisiveness just made the day. Be careful about weighing factors involved, though. Buying a Ferrari on a whim isn’t a very good idea. In our stock buying case, you saw something that signaled an upward movement and the buy was a smart thing to do.

That’s part of your ADD, too. You notice changes in the environment because you...

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