Adult ADD: Why Implementing ADD-Friendly Systems Are Important

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If you have ADD, do find yourself wanting to make more money? Do you want to be happier?

You may find that if you just cut loose when you’re ADD-driven, the next thing you know, you’ll look around and say, Oh, my gosh, where did all this mess come from?

When you realize that it’s all yours, you’ll probably feel horrible. ADD people really do like to have things tidy. So, if you create a system to deal with the messes you inevitably make, you’ll know where everything goes and if you decide to clean it all up, it can be done easily.

Otherwise, don’t you feel overwhelmed?

Stop wallowing in the, Oh, gee, why cant I get anything done? mode. Make the decision to eliminate confusion from your life because it doesn’t serve you in any way.

When you have ADD, using systems makes life easier. Then, you can stop being so overwhelmed and have success.

But you won’t always get the steps right, the very first time around. Try writing them down on paper. You don’t need to do that with simple systems, even if you have ADD, but if you devise something more complicated, dont try to remember all that...

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