Adwords Miracle: My Personal Experience

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Apparently the guy who wrote Adwords Miracle went from flat broke to earning almost $2000 a week within 6 months. He reckons a 100-500% return on investment is what we should be shooting forwell; my ROI is nothing like that with adwords so I decided to give adwords miracle a whirl.

If youre completely new to adwords or like me you feel you need to brush up on basic knowledge then the first pages of the book will serve you well. Its here that you get a tougher run down of adwords and how you can get in on it. Particularly of interest to me was the info on CTR and Quality Score. Increasing both pf these will improve your ad placement and bring down your ad cost. I picked up some nice little tit-bits here. I did this for one of my sites and saw immediate results. Amazing. Additionally, you will learn how to use multiple focused ad groups. This alone is worth the price of the book.

The section on writing ads and keeping them relevant also proved very interesting. The method he prescribes is similar to my own ad writing technique but with a few unique twists! The writer insists that ad copy technique is of most importance and mastering it can but u well on the way to...

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