All About Cream

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Cream is something that is often used in cooking. But do you know your creams?

Cream is an essential ingredient in the kitchen – rich in flavor with a smooth and velvety texture.

Scones wouldnt taste quite right without a big spoonful of cream. Where would strawberries n cream be without the cream? And a dollop of thick cream on the side always completes a homemade cake.

Cream is the fat component of fresh milk.

Commercially, the cream is separated from the milk by centrifugal force. Often cream sold commercial has been pasteurised.

Pasteurization is the process of heating the cream to kill harmful organisms like viruses, molds, yeasts, protozoa and or course bacteria. Invented by the French scientist Louis Pasteur in 1862, pasteurization does on kill all micro-organisms but reduces their number to a level unlikely to cause disease.

The many varieties of cream available on the market today can leave one feeling bewildered and lost. But with a little understanding you wont be left in the cold isle feeling glazed-eyed any longer.

Cream is categorized by the amount of milk fat it contains. This percentage should be clearly...

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