Are You A Victim ?

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Would you let someone walk into your home, take whatever they wanted and leave as if nothing had happened ?

No ! Of course you wouldnt. So why are you letting them do it to your website ?


If you are using PayPal , Clickbank or a number of other payment processors for your digital downloads YOU ARE LOSING MONEY !!!

Using a simple two step operation those in the know can read your website, download your product for free (Steal it) and be gone without you even knowing a thing.

Depending on your traffic and product price, this could be costing you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month.

So Simple your average 12 year old can do it !

Almost as scary is the fact that any pictures, content, links in fact any thing on your website can be stolen with just two simple mouse clicks. This isnt only available to those in the know either. It is common knowledge and is so simple your average 12 year old could and does do it, EVERY DAY.

Where do your Emails go first ?

Did you know that your emails can go through more than four different severs before they arrive at the in box of the person you sent them...

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