Baccarat Betting Strategies

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In previous posts and articles, I explained in detail how the game of Baccarat is played.

If you want to get the basics, read my article:

Baccarat Made Easy

If you want to get the details beyond that, read my article:

Baccarat Basics and Beyond

If you have the knowledge already, then read on

How do you bet?
When do you bet?
Which do you bet?
How much do you bet?

The first question: How do you bet? is the easiest to answer, so lets get that out of the way right now. You simply place your bet in the area marked Banker or in the area marked Player. As you remember, you are NEVER to bet the tie.

The next question: When do you bet? is a bit harder to answer. I consider a gambling session to include every betting opportunity within that session, bet it a certain time limit, or a bankroll limit, or a profit goal.

That means I decide before the session: either how long I will play regardless of the outcome, OR, how much of my bankroll Ill put into play, OR, what profit goal signals the end of the session.

Regardless of the session criteria, I see no reason to skip betting...

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