Bad Date Survival Tips

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Occasionally, a bad date happens to one person at a certain point in his or her life. One should do some assessment before writing off the person for life. No sparks at all? Too nervous to open any topic? Is he or she being rude? Here are some things that you can do.

How to deal with a bad date? Or when you are the one who’s about to make it bad…

1. If you are feeling too nervous opt for a date over coffee. You will have less time fidgeting due too overnervousness since after finishing your coffee you can easily bid your date a quick “ta-ta”.

2. There is no excuse for a date that is obnoxious and rude. Walk away Renee.

3. You and your date are not on the same wavelength? Endure the date, maintain your composure and leave politely. If your date asks for an extension, say an after meal drink, you can always politely (again) say no.

4. If you unintentionally insult your date, simply apologize then move on. If your insult is not that severe, your date might just forgive and forget.

5. Never provide entertainment at your expense. Humor is cool, self-bashing is not. It is not worth it to make your self feel...

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