Beat the Credit Card Blues: 5 Super Strategies For Breaking

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Beat the Credit Card Blues: 5 Super Strategies For Breaking Dangerous Spending Habits

Many of us consumers continue to struggle to get out from under our credit debt. In fact, the average American is carrying almost $2,500 in credit debt each month. These financial consequences can be critical, and long lasting.

For a consumer paying only the minimum payment of $50 a month on a $2,500 credit card bill, (at the average 16-percent interest,) they are paying off a mere $10 of principal. There’s another $40 being added on in interest EVERY MONTH. So in only one year of paying minimums, they still owe $2,380. Now imagine if the credit bill is $15,000 or more…the word dangerous is certainly appropriate.

Want to do things differently? Want to put your debt on a
diet? Try these five super strategies and break your dangerous spending habits today:

1. Step away from the counter. Give yourself a time-out when you feel the temptation to make a purchase. For an item over $100, put it on hold, and leave the store. Let the idea sit for 24 hours, and then ask yourself whether you really need the item: the answer is likely...

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