Benefit From The Skins Natural Absorption Function

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The skin is the largest living, breathing organ of the body. It acts as an interface between the internal and external environments. It consists of the epidermis, dermis and the hypodermis. The epidermis is the surface layer, the layer that we see. It serves us as the protective layer. The dermis is the middle layer that contains the glands and the connective tissues. This layer helps complete the absorption process by carrying whatever is placed on the epidermis to the deepest part of the skin and throughout the body.

The hypodermis contains the adipose tissues or fat layer. This is the layer that contains your fat cells.

The major functions of the skin are:

1. Protection. The skin serves as a barrier that prevents microorganisms and other substances from entering the body.

2. Regulates Body Temperature. Considerable heat is lost through the skin. Even under conditions of high temperature or exercise, the body temperature remains almost normal.

3. Elimination. The evaporation of perspiration acts to cool the skin. In addition, small amounts of waste product and salt leave the body through sweat.

4. Sensation. Nerve endings in the skin...

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