Breaking the Antichrist Code

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Blueprint of Deception

The beginning of the human race, the fall of Adam & Eve, fallen angels among us, the Antichrist, and end times prophecy, this is all red hot subject matter. People want to know the truth about their spiritual heritage and the connection of that heritage to earths history and what they see going on today. Are we near the prophetic end of the world?

“Breaking the Antichrist Code: The Blueprint of Deception”, authored by Drs. Eric and Maria vonAnderseck, delivers on its promise to provide in-depth coverage on these subjects. This compelling book includes a fascinating look into angelic phenomena, angelic rank, angelic orders, holy angels verses fallen angels, angelic function and angelic power, both in the heavens, the earth, and inside the human being.

Unmasking the Antichrist Additionally, the authors unmask the Antichrist spirit as Satan himself, warning readers that if the coming rulership of the Antichrist man poses a crisis for the human race, then the present work of the Antichrist spirit here and now also poses a crisis for the human race.

The authors conduct a ground breaking five part examination into...

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