Business To Business Copywriting Secrets

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If you want to increase your marketing results and get more qualified leads, you will need to improve the effectiveness of the copywriting on your website, print ads, emails and direct mail.

This is vital because copywriting is your salesperson in cyberspace, in print and in the mail and great salesmanship produces great sales average salesmanship gets only average or worse results.

Here are the copywriting tips that will improve your marketing results. These are proven based on our copywriting work for over 450 businesses since 1978.

This is a list of what your prospect is thinking as he reads your marketing copy. Its important to make sure everything is addressed on this list. If you do this, your marketing results will improve dramatically.

1. Youd better have done your research to know what benefits I want most from your type of product or service. If you dont, I wont even notice you, and if I do, I wont even give you a hearing.

2. What do you do? How will it help me? I need to know whats in it for me instantly or Im gone.

3. Why should I believe you?

4. I already have a supplier for that why should I listen to...

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