Clean Tongues For Fresher Breath

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You always brush your pearly-whites, you gargle antiseptic mouth rinses, and you floss. Throw in regular dental check-ups and you’ll think that you’re the poster boy for oral hygiene. What if I tell you that you’re forgetting something? Crazy, right? Nope, because you’re forgetting your tongue. You taste with it, you lick with it, and when temptation arises, you even wag it. Don’t you think it’s high time to start cleaning it? After all, I’m sure you don’t want to sport a white, abnormal-looking tongue.

An oft-neglected part of oral hygiene, tongues are not flat and smooth even if they appear that way to you. They have fissures which make for suitable anaerobic bacteria breeding places. This bacteria is the major source of stink breaths. Plus, you won’t be able to remove the viscous, jelly-like film of plaque covering your tongue through rinsing. What you must do is to scrape it. Scared? Don’t be; because cleaning your tongue takes no effort. You could do it in as little as a 1-2 minutes.

Before you do that, read up to avoid scrubbing your tongue raw. First, you don’t have to buy special tongue...

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