Coaching The Candle Burners

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Have you ever had one of those moments where it seems as if everything is chaotic one moment and in slow motion the next? In those moments there seems to be either a rushing sound in your ears or perhaps a ringing. Color fades to black and white and you can almost seem disassociated from the events that are happening around you.

Sometimes this can be experienced when you are faced with bad news, sleep deprivation or extreme weariness where you teeter precariously between apathy and physical exhaustion.

There is an expression we all use that is applicable to this malady. This expression is, Dont burn a candle at both ends.

The phrase means that we should find a balance in our lives because if we dont we will either try to work too hard or enjoy life too much devoid of the assumption of adequate responsibility. Either of these extremes may not be a healthy approach to life.

In business this phenomenon can be noticed when we dont take the time to experience life apart from the business.

The scenario goes something like this.

A burst of activity takes place in the business-planning phase.

This activity is followed by another burst of...

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