Computer – The Need Of Modern Life

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Computers simply mean a machine which can compute. Let us peek into the past and find out who were the geeks who thought about having a device that could perform calculative tasks by recognizing inputs and giving the appropriate outputs.

Abacus developed in 3000 BC can be called the first ever computer as it was a simple counting device. In 1941 a German engineer Konard Zuse developed a first programmable calculator using binary math and Boolean logic. UNIVAC was developed in 1951 and the real breakthrough came in 1952 when Texas Instrument developed the Integrated Circuit. In 1964, IBM introduced a mainframe computer called IBM 360. Apple introduced Apple I in 1976 and Apple II in 1977. The Computer that is familiar to most of us in terms of looks and functionality was unveiled in 1981 when IBM introduced the Personal Computer.

The main characteristics of a Computer are:

1 – It follows and is capable of following a special set of instructions.

2 – It can execute preset list of instructions generally known as a computer program.

The basic components which are essential to make a computer are:

1 – Input Device...

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