Cool, Clear Water

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Drinking water is essential to humans. Adults lose about 10 glasses of water daily. Some is replenished in the food we eat, and some is replenished in beverages, but most is replenished in the form of drinking water.

Some people are claiming that room-temperature drinking water is the only good water. Others claim it should be warm or icy or cold drinking water. Who is right?

In Cool Water, song writer Bob Nolan sings:

All day I face the barren waste
Without the taste of water,
Cool water.
Old Dan and I, with throats burned dry,
And souls that cry for water,
Cool, clear, water.

Cold Drinking Water

Old Dan and his rider were dying for cold drinking water. In fact, a few days without water, and both would literally be dead.

More than two thirds of a humans weight is water. The human brain is 95% water and human blood is 82%. Old Dans rider would show signs of dehydration if he lost as little as 2% of his bodys water. His short-term memory would grow fuzzy. He would have trouble focusing on small things and experience daytime fatigue, commonly caused by dehydration.

They needed drinking water ...

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