Decisions, What You Haven’t Been Told About Them

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Have you ever sat there trying to make a decision yet, you just couldn’t.
If only I had more information, or a proverbial crystal ball, you think to yourself.
Many times when you are avoiding making a decision, it stems more from being afraid of making the wrong decision.

This has become an epidemic in many places and organization. This fear shuts down communication,

creates more challenges and generally comes with a high price tag.
“But what if my decision cost me or the company?” are words I hear people say.
So they want to analyze everything almost to the death of the original choice.
The fear of being wrong can cripple them into never succeeding. Yet, it is ok to not get it right each time.

It is about learning and growth, just as you did as a child, It is ok.

I have seem organizations and governments hold off on decisions until they have taken the time to hire a committee to research, analyze and bring in data, even on smaller issues. I have also seen committees come back with, that the results were inconclusive. So they shelf the idea and the opportunity has passed them by.

Now I would...

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