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Diabetes mellitus is a nutritional disorders, characterized by an abnormally elevated level of
blood glucose and by the excretion of the excess glucose in the urine. It results from an absolute
or relative lack of insulin which leads to abnormalities in carbohydrate metabolism as well as in
the metabolism of protein and fat.
Diabetes is a disease known to the medical world since time immemorial. Its incidence is ,
however, much higher at present than ever in the past. This is especially true in case of more
advanced countries of the world due to widespread affluence and more generous food supply.
The most commonly-used screening tests are the determination of the fasting blood glucose
level and the two-hour postprandial, that is after a meal. The normal fasting blood sugar content
is 80 to 120 mg. per 100 ml. of blood and this can go up to a level of 180 mg. per 100 ml. of
blood two hours after meals. Anything above these norms can be termed diabetic levels.
Diabetes occurs in all age groups, from young infants to the elderly. The greatest incidence
occurs in middle or older aged persons. It is estimated...

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