Do You need a sexy company logo or would a

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Do You need a sexy company logo or would a stinker be more effective?

The debate over how much of a companys large reserves of spending power should be spent with greedy, oafish design agencies rages on and is not about to be resolved in this trite article, however we can suggest some alternatives to the usual company logo ideas and perhaps for once bad could be the new good…or something.

A company logo should make you stop and think…
How many times have you heard your design manager or someone from the marketing/advertising department going on about the need for a clever logo or a design that ‘thinks outside the box’? In marketing terms this is met by much consternation by people with any sense of reality and nodding agreement from the rest of the clueless saps who pass off as the workforce these days. Thinking outside the box in this day and age is what all your competitors are doing. To move with the times we either have to think ‘over’ the box or get on a retro trip and think yourself back inside the box, now that everyone has gone outside to think.

A company logo should stick in your minds eye

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