Easy Magic Tricks – No Assumptions

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This easy magic trick will show you how to do a simple card trick and teach your friends not to make assumptions.

The Trick: You happen to be in a room with a group of friends and a pack of cards. Here’s how to make some easy money out of them with a simple card trick. Start by asking someone to pick any card from the deck, show the rest of the people in the room and then slide the card back into the pack. You shuffle the deck and then start turning the cards over one by one until you see the card that your friend choose. At this point you bet everyone in the room a certain amount of money, perhaps $1 or $5, that the next card you turn over will be the one that was originally selected.

As the selected card has already been turned up, at least one of your friends will assume that they can’t lose and accept the bet.

Once the bet is made, you simply turn over the card on top of the pile of cards that have already been revealed and collect your winnings.

The Explanation: Right, for all of you who can’t figure out how to do this trick, here’s what happens.

Take a normal pack of playing cards, shuffle them well, fan them out...

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