Eating in Thailand; Chopsticks, Spoons, & Fingers

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When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in Thailand, do as the Thas do. Nothing will endear you more to the local people in Thailand is knowing how to eat like they do.

This is something very simple but goes a long way in making friends in a foreign country. And since eating is the national sport of Thailand, doing it the right way will help you in fitting right in.

Most Thai meals consist of meat, rice and vegetables. I know this is a generalization but I am talking about most of the meals. For meals like this you will only be given two utensils, a spoon and a fork. There are also fried noodle dishes that are also eaten with spoon and fork.

The spoon is used to eat with and the fork is basically a shovel used to push food on the spoon. The meat will cut in bite size pieces so there is no need for a knife. Once you get used to it, it is a very easy way of eating.

A knife is only needed if you order something like a steak or have some bread that needs buttering. But, this is not Thai food.

Chopsticks are primarily used when eating soup. One of the Thai staples is noodle soup called gwet-ee-ow (your phonetics may differ from mine). This...

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