Email Grammar Quiz

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How good is your grammar? When writing email messages, proper grammar is important. By being aware of common mistakes, you can avoid them.

In other words, you dont need to know all the rules. (What a relief!) But, . . . (You knew that was coming, didnt you?) you need to know what you dont know. If you are unsure if something is correct, look it up. Or, ask someone knowledgeable for assistance.

If you dont have the time to seek help, heres a quick tip. Use different wording. To put it another way:

If you cant determine how to make the sentence correct, re-word the sentence so it doesnt contain the item youre having trouble with. Please dont tell your high school English teacher that I made this suggestion!

Yes, it would be great if the entire country knew proper English. However, the reality is many people dont. The goal of this article is to convince you to select the grammar that you know is correct.

Are your grammar skills good enough? Find out by taking the following quiz.

Directions: Indicate whether the specified phrase is Correct (C) or Incorrect (I).

CI1.John is (laying) on the couch in the...

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