Emergency Birth Control: An Overview

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While available modern contraception methods are highly effective at preventing unplanned pregnancies, human error and some irregularities can cause them to fail. A condom may break due to a lack of lubrication or a scheduled pill intake might be missed due to a lot of activities. A lot of people have sex without realizing that they are unprotected and for this reason, emergency birth control is developed.

What is emergency birth control?

Emergency birth control, also known as EBC, is the general term used to describe a variety of methods used to prevent pregnancies after one had unprotected sex. The medical industry defines EBC as a preventative method since it does not terminate an existing pregnancy but rather prevents one form actually occurring. Medicine defines a pregnancy as the point in time when a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus. When an egg, despite being fertilized, is not implanted in the uterus, a pregnancy cannot exist. This is what EBC prevents; the implantation of a fertilized egg inside the uterus.

Given this, there are some things EBC is not.

* EBC is not an abortifacient. It does not induce abortion or terminate...

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