Enjoying A Floating Holiday

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So, youve been thinking about booking a cruise for the holidays, but you have a lot of thoughts about what a cruise entails that make you wonder if its a good idea. While many people have a lot of pre-conceived misconceptions about cruises, were here to knock a number of those out of the water.

First, many people believe mainly old people go on cruises. While there is quite an older population that does enjoy cruising, the truth of the matter is that the growing population onboard ships are families who are enjoying the fact that the parents can have a holiday get-away with the kids, since many ships are child friendly and even have special childrens facilities

Two of the other large population on cruise ships these days are the 20-something and teen crowds. These populations have parents who are giving them money and they are spending that money on new experiences, such as short cruise travels.

Another concern may have about cruises is that they are going to have to stick to a strict meal and recreation schedule, seeming more like boot camp than a holiday.

While some cruise schedules may have been tight in the past that is not the case anymore....

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