Facts about favourite drink Coffee

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The world’s favorite drink has to be a cup of coffee. Many of us cannot wake without that cup in the morning. Even though there are new additions and varieties nothing stops this trend. It has been since the day of its discovery. The first place coffee was consumed was in Africa. It is said a goatherd saw his goats eating some berries and acting quite funny. He tried out some berries himself and found it quite refreshing.

The word spread quickly and soon this berry was being cultivated in the Arabian Peninsula. Today’ largest producer of coffee, Brazil started growing coffee in the 1700’s whereas it was introduced in Europe in 1600’s. In 1901 instant coffee was invented, decaffeinated in 1903 and freeze dried in 1938. Today coffee is the largest commodity second only to petroleum.

It might sound surprising but statistics say an average person consumes over 10 pounds of coffee in a year and about half of the US population partakes the beverage – worldwide yearly consumption adds up to over 400 billion cups! Most of the consumption is during breakfast and 35% prefer to have black coffee. Tea used to the favorite beverage but coffee...

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