Facts You Need To Know About The Hybrid Car

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The term “hybrid” means that something is mixed with its original form. The hybrid is a car that has both an electric and a gas motor to run it. But, unlike electric cars of yesteryear, the hybrid will recharge itself, hence no need to plug it into an outlet.

The gasoline engines in these cars are smaller than in standard vehicles and where they leave off the electric engine takes over. The hybrid can work on just one of these engines, but hybrid owners will use both to conserve on fuel.

What’s Under The Hood?

Most hybrids use the gasoline engine primarily. But when more power is needed, the electric motor kicks in.

In the gasoline motor, there is energy conservation, for example, it instantly shuts off when the vehicle stops. When you hit the pedal again, the engine smoothly turns back on. Meanwhile, the battery keeps all of your appliances on — lights, radio and other needed features.

Because the gasoline engine cuts off and on, it is usually virtually silent. This can confuse the driver and parking attendants, who may think the car is off, but it is actually on. Fortunately, an indicator light has been added,...

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