Feel stuck in your game?

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Here’s what I did.

NOTHING!-I took a 6-week break from poker…it was REALLLYY hard to do! Went to bars, drank, girls, ya know- anything to get my mind off poker. No poker books, no B&Ms, no ESPN or Travel Channel poker, no TWO PLUS TWO!!!!

I got drunk and lost my glasses twice and prolly spent well over a grand in alcohol.

For the past week I’ve been playing in 50 hand intervals and then evaluate my play at the end of the session. This is something I wanted to do in the beginning but for whatever reason- being stuck in a game, having a great session, ect., ect. I rarely did.

Over my first 18k (pre-6 week break) I was a break even player overall. 18/9/2

I’m back on pokerstars and only a few regulars are still there. I guess the other regulars moved on.

My game is microlimit limit hold em full ring.

I feel that all the information from this site, all the books and advice settled and I subcounsiouly formed my own style.

I’ve been playing three hundred hands a day for the past three days and although I may be running goot…I am winning 7bb/100 with 400 hands being at .25c/.50c limit...

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