Fly Fishing Terms

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Like in any other sports, fly fishing has its own set of terms and jargon to talk about everything related to this activity.

While it makes communicating with other fly fishing enthusiasts easier, it can be confusing to the average person, much less to those who are just starting out with fly fishing.

To help out beginners, below are some fly fishing terms which will let newbies get the hang of them and let them understand what other more-experienced fly fishers are talking about.

Back-cast – is the act of casting the line by first throwing it backwards, letting it unfurl, then casting it forward.

Buzzer – a term that refers to flies or any other insect that flies over the water.

Cover – the act of casting a fly to an area with a good number of fish.

Fly – an artificial lure which attracts fish by imitating a natural lure or by getting its attention with the lures bright colors.

Fly Line – the line usually made of synthetic material to which the hook is attached.

Fly Reel – the object which holds the line. It comes in several types depending on several factors which include the materials...

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