Get The Perfect Dartboard And Install It Properly

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Dartboards are typically made of sisal fiber and a slim metal wire lines every section. The numbers showing the scoring sections in the board is usually made of wire. The dartboard is divided into twenty sections, each with a scoring of one to twenty points, by wires that extend from the small inner circle to the outer circular wire.

1. Hanging Procedure:

A dartboard should be hung in such a manner that the distance, using the center of the bullseye as a point of reference, is five feet and eight inches parallel to the hockey line. Hang the dartboard on a backing, such as a backboard or any type, such as plywood, to prevent occasional wild darts from ruining your wall. Ideally, the backing is twice the size of the board and you could cover it with either felt paper or cloth so that it looks neat. Make sure too, that the backing is secured firmly to the wall and should not sway or vibrate, when hit by darts. The hockey, or the line measurement has to be 7 feet 9.25 inches from the boards face horizontally to the floor. To obtain a precise measurement, start from the line from the bullseye going down to the floor, measuring 9 feet 7 3/8 inches.


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