Goals And Belief Systems

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Do you remember saying to yourself, when I do that, I will…. Why do people always make excuses so we don’t do the things we really want or desire? It has everything to do with our belief system. This system will shape your destiny.

When we grow up our believe change:

* It’s not right to want too much abundance.

* If you are not careful, people will take everything you have!

* All rich people are snobs.

But, remember those days when we were kids:

* I am going to be a super hero.

* I am going to be a fireman.

* I am going to be a rockstar/moviestar.

What actually happened in our lives that changed our believe in ourselves and our abilities to achieve? In my opinion when we are getting older, we are facing people or experiences in our lives that tell us we could never be, have or acquire something or led us believe that we could never be all we could be.

Is a bad experience or a huge let down something that happened to make us think we deserve less than our dreams (remembering the days we were kids)? We have to conquer it and change it right now. Be grateful for the things that are still...

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