Gold is Golden

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Now is the Time to Invest in something Real to Assure a Good Life Tomorrow.

Gold surpasses $500. an ounce after a long slumber and it is still one of the worlds greatest bargains. Every day it is becoming more evident that stocks, bonds, and property in America and most of the Anglo-Saxon world are propped up on borrowed money and borrowed time.

In the last half of 2005 alone, U.S. households spent well over $500 billion more than their after-tax earnings. How is this possible? By borrowing of course. About half of that money came from equity extraction. The present home owner generation is living off the perceived increase value of their houses. These poor householders are starting to get a clue. They thought they really could get rich by buying and selling each others houses at inflated prices and then borrowing against it. Well, putting on the dog and out doing the Jones’ was fun while it lasted. However, if you can still find a greater fool, now is the time to sell and find a nice inexpensive rental accommodation, or buy one of the rapidly growing heavily depreciated repos now on the market, and invest the rest in gold.

You need to protect...

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