Golf Equipment Isn’t Working

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Golf equipment doesn’t work? Did that catch your attention? I hope so. Now keep reading.

Just the other day I was watching the Golf Channel and they were talking yet again about the latest and greatest drives and irons. This golf equipment (new technology) that has gotten totally out of hand, is making these companies a ton of money.


Because they prey on vulnerable, frustrated golfers looking to play better through golf equipment.

Heres my beef!

Its not working! I dont care what these companies sayI see golfers everyday, buying new golf equipment and STILL not playing any better. Its a known fact that the average golf handicap has not gone down in over 20 years!

Its NOT the equipment thats going to improve your gameits YOU!

You swing that club. You show up to the range or course. It all depends on your current physical condition how well you will swingand especially for 18 holes.

Is that registering with you yet?

How many new clubs have you bought lately? Did it allow you to play betterconsistently? Be honest. Dont let your pride answer that question. Just state the facts. Are your scores...

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