Golf Weight Training Is The Answer To Longer Drives

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It is no secret that most of the male and female tour players who want to play their best golf, do golf weight training exercises. But its not the kind of grueling, sweating stuff youre thinking about.

There is a HUGE misconception of what and how this type of program should be done. It does not take going into a gym and lifting heavy weights; nor does it take a 2-3 hour daily commitment.

I have seen many so-called golf weight training programs, books, and videos etc that do in fact show the golfer in the gym and on machines. Sitting on a machine, isolating one muscle group is not golf-specific or sport-specific for that matter.

Golf is a dynamic movement done on your feet. Sitting in a machine in a controlled environment will not improve your swing.

The golf swing incorporates most of the muscles of the body in a sequential motion. I hope you can now see sitting in a machine wont improve that.

So what truly is a golf-specific program?

For starters, doing a lot of exercise on your feet and in your golf posture will help. The more you can get in your posture and strength train, the quicker the benefit to your game.

Golf also...

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