H-F-L-Team: Working Moms Home Business

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Do you remember all of those slogans form the 60’s and 70’s about women?

“A woman’s place is in the house and senate”
“Women, you can have it all!”
“I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan”

My Mom did not “work”. She stayed home all day and

Cleaned House
Drove us to different sports events
Raised kids/encouraged, disciplined, taught, mended injuries exc.
Did laundry
Handled household budget and finances

Okay she had at least 10 jobs long hours no pay. No wonder women wanted out of the house!

But what they found is that not only were they now working outside of the home all that work at home didn’t go away.

Women friends of mine that worked outside of the home found themselves spending almost all they earned was going to day care, commuting expenses “gas, parking, maintenance ” and wardrobe.

The biggest complaint was they had no time to spend with their kids. They were asking themselves “Why did I have kids if I am going to turnover raising them to a...

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