Handwriting Analysis : Handwriting Is Brain Writing

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Handwriting actually could be called brain writing. When You first began to form letters, you had to think how to make each one of them; they were somewhat shaky. It was not unlike learning to drive a car. When you first started to shift the gears you also had to think about pushing the clutch in, what gear to engage, how far out and how quickly to release the clutch. When you first started learning how to write, it was the same. But after a short time, your subconscious mind began to take over the duties of forming the letters. As you progress further, your subconscious began to learn words. Then you had only to think of the meaning and your subconscious mind sent minute electrical impulses to your hand telling you how far to go and how to make each letter within the word. Thus you began to write without conscious thought of the writing formation. In other words, your brain or subconscious mind actually formed the characters as a result of habit. The pressure of your pen and the formation of each part of each letter shows your subconscious thinking.

Writing does not reveal the age nor the gender of a writer. Probably the most amazing thing of all is that you cannot tell...

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