Has Your Anxiety Turned You Into A Sleepwalker?

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Do you jolt awake in the middle of the night and wonder what just happened?

If youre like me, its probably an anxiety attack that rattles through your sleeping body every now and then. The sensation is not a pleasant one. It takes a few moments for you to collect your thoughts and evaluate the situation. During those seconds, your mind races, your heart pounds and you feel hot.

One of the first things you might think is that you are experiencing a true health issue, a heart attack perhaps.

When these events happened to me recently, I truly did think it was some sort of health breakdown. After a brief review, I realized that whatever was wrong didnt require an ambulance and I was able to go back to uneventful sleep.

The day I awoke to find myself talking and trying to climb up the wall, I realized that stress had taken over my life and my dreams. I knew it was directly associated with the serious issues I had to deal with at that time. Little did I know that it was just the beginning. It wasnt long before they became full-blown anxiety attacks that usually turned into panic. They controlled the way I lived my life for the next five years.


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