Help For Your Cats Ear Mites

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You have just adopted a new kitten and named her Majesty. But now you have to say, Majesty, sure as heck is not acting like she is majestic. She’s acting like her ears are driving her nuts and itching like crazy. What can be the cause? It may well be your cats ear mites are getting the upper hand.

This article will discuss what you can do to help Majesty to act majestic again.

If you’re new to owning a cat you may not have ever dealt with ear mites on a pet before. It’s not the end of the world, nor should you panic, when your see those tiny little critters crawling around on the inside of her Majestys ears.

You should know this little critter in the ears of your pet is extremely irritating and can cause bad pain. In fact these little creatures are a parasite and can be a severe health issue for your feline.

One of the first signs that your Majesty may be infested with the mites is a rapid shaking of the head and a twitching of the ears. On top of that you will see her attempting to scratch the irritation away. One of the problems with this is the continuous scratching is of course breaking the skin inside her ears.


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