Hey Contractors, How To Fill Out Aia Pay Apps

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Hey Contractors, How To Fill Out Aia Pay Apps – Part 2

In Part 1, I showed you how to fill out page 1 of the AIA pay application (form G702). In Part 2, we are going to work through page 2 (form G703).

Go dig out your AIA pay application form again and turn to the second page. Heres how to fill it out.

AIA Pay Application Page 2

The purpose of page 2 is to allow General Contractors to keep a close eye on your billing. As that is their purpose, they will probably ask you to break your pay request into several line items.

If they don’t, use as few breakouts as possible. This is your one opportunity to control your billing. If they request a more detailed breakout, give it to them.

Before delving into the heart of the page, allow me a moment to discuss the numbering of your pay applications. When you number your applications, number the first one “1” and count up from there.

If you have to revise a pay application, do not increase the number, just add a letter designation behind the original number. For example, if you are revising pay application number 5, make it 5R to reflect that it is a revision of...

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