How A Simple Green Metal Patio Bench Saved Me From

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How A Simple Green Metal Patio Bench Saved Me From My Darkest Hours Of Despair

As you walk through the patio and into the observatory of my house, you will notice a three seater metal bench placed just at a tiny corner of the covered patio. Coated in green, how can such a lifeless-looking cold metal structure be providing me with immense satisfaction and joy almost daily?

I remembered its humble origins. I never had this metal bench all the while. It was on a very dark day to begin with that my best friend Peter Duss brought it in to the house. Peter said it was a gift to me, and he carried it onto the patio with his wife during that slightly breezy evening.

That day was one of the darkest days of my life. It was so because I had just returned from the hospital, with news of the results of the blood tests for my son who was diagnosed with almost complete bone marrow failure. There would need to be an international search for a bone marrow donor, as this auto immune disease would quickly wreck his health. I was crying.

Peter told me the metal bench placed on the patio would allow me time to sit there to spend with my son when he would be discharged...

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