How The Stun Gun Works

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We have all seen them used in movies and on television, but have you ever wondered just how the stun gun works?

It is amazing what a small simple device can do to an attacker and how it can possibly save lives if used correctly and effectively. But they are weapons that seem to be right out of a science fiction movie.

While we are still far off from the type of stun guns and such that we do see in science fiction movies, millions of police officers, soldiers and every day citizens carry real stun guns.

These weapons help to protect against attacks and are designed to temporarily stun the attacker without doing any long-term damage.

These weapons are by no means infallible, but they can save lives in certain instances. We all know that electricity can harm or even kill a person.

Lightening strikes, electrical shocks, the current can cause extreme damage to the body. But in smaller doses, the electricity is harmless and in fact, your body uses its own electricity to do just about everything.

Electric signals tell send messages from your brain to your body informing it of the necessary task. The basic idea of the stun gun is to disrupt...

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